House Rules


1. Rent is due on Friday of each week

2. No profanity 

3. Church attendance is mandatory (bring home church bulletin)

4. No smoking inside the house

5. No alcohol or drugs allowed including kratom (Random drug tests will be given)

6. Zero tolerance for positive test results or refusal to take drug test

7. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves

8. Beds are to be made every morning and room straightened daily

9. Assigned tasks throughout the house must be completed daily

10.  Keep personal food items in assigned location

11.  Theft of food or personal items will result in immediate expulsion from house

12.  No visitors of the opposite sex without prior authorization. Visitation allowed only on the porch.

13.  No ruckus behavior allowed 

14.  Lights out at 11:00pm

15.  No visitors after 10:00pm

16.  Doors lock at 11:00pm for all residents

17.  Shower times and ride sheets will be posted

18.  No weapons (physical, mechanical or chemical) allowed 

19. 5 minute showers

20. Two days per week on pass with written permission

21. Everyone must attend scheduled meetings

22. Consumption of food is allowed only in kitchen

23. You must have a sponsor and be working the 12 steps at all times

24. No residents allowed in other residents room

25. There is a three strike policy in effect